Charcoal BBQ’s – Grills | Smokers

Charcoal BBQ’s – Grills | Smokers

Choose a charcoal bbq if you’re looking for a true wood fire barbecue flavor and for low and slow cooks

big green egg header

The Big Green Egg offers unmatched cooking flexibility – the EGG® is a grill, a smoker and an oven.

  • Grill perfect steaks or chicken
  • Smoke tender briskets and ribs
  • Bake the best pizza you’ve ever had
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Kamado Joe

Kamado Joe classic

There are some pretty impressive looking gas
grills on the market today. If only they worked
as good as they look.
The biggest drawback to gas grills is that
they’re made out of metal. They radiate great
amounts of heat, which is a very efficient
method of pulling the moisture from food.
Kamado Joe grills are made of high-fire
ceramics. It keeps the natural oils and
moisture of food where it belongs–in the foodKamado Joe
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broil king keg

Broil King Keg

Broil King Keg Advantages

  • The Keg® won’t crack.
  • The Keg® is 2.5x more thermally efficient.
  • The Keg® requires less charcoal. The Keg® is more efficient. requiring less combustion air and enables very long cook times with less charcoal. This means food doesn’t get dried out.
  • The Keg® won’t absorb odors and transfer to the next cookout. Fish odor won’t transfer to chicken. (Note: It’s very difficult to get fish odor out of ceramic)
  • The Keg® easier to maneuver and transport. It’s lighter in weight and very durable.