Toronto Gas Services

Fireplace Depot offers a wide variety of fireplace, water, and air quality-related services including custom cabinetry, repair, and maintenance. Our work is performed by licensed service technicians ensuring that the highest quality and safety standards are met every time.

Standard Cleaning & Inspection Services include:

  • Cleaning glass
  • Replacement of embers
  • Vacuum inside fireplace
  • Inspection of your Gas fireplace (if parts are needed additional costs will apply)
  • COST: $150.00∗

∗ For standard unit. Large and specialty units will have extra charge.
Glass Cleaning

It is important  to clean the glass periodically which will remove unsightly “white haze”, baked-on smoke, carbon and mineral deposits caused by gas-log fires.

Fireplace Depot recommends that the glass be cleaned two or three times per year using a Gas Fireplace Glass Cleaner, depending on the use of the fireplace.

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