Big Green Egg – The Ultimate Cooking Experience

Big Green Egg – The Ultimate Cooking Experience

big green egg

What is the Big Green Egg

The most versatile outdoor cooker
What is The Big Green Egg? Is it a grill, a bbq, or a smoker? The Big Green Egg does it all. From searing the perfect steak, slow cooking ribs or brisket to baking the best pizza you’ve ever had
Biggest benefit
The ceramic construction of The Big Green Egg makes it an excellent insulator. Not only does it retain and radiate the heat inside, but it also keeps the moisture in the food where it belongs
Easy to start
The Big Green Egg doesn’t take long to get ready to start. With various methods from electric starters to chimney starters or natural fire starters, it’ll be ready to go in minutes
Temperature control
How do you control the temperature? By controlling the air flow. The deep firebox allows for better air flow for the charcoal to get to the desired temperature and the top damper and bottom vent allow you to control the amount air going in. So with the ceramic insulation and air control it’s simple to get to your desired temperature and keep it consistent
Every season is BBQ season
With the ceramic insulation you can use it all year long. No more fighting the cold to get the temperature up to grill
Pick your size
Available in 7 different sizes to fit everyone’s needs. Xlarge and large are our most popular sizes, and with the 3-tier grill or grill extender that almost doubles or triples your cooking space
Grid Diameters
  • XXLarge – 29″ (672 sq in)
  • XLarge – 25″ (452 sq in)
  • Large – 18.25″ (262 sq in)
  • Medium – 15″ (177 sq in)
  • Small – 13″ (133 sq in)
  • Minimax™ – 13″ (132 sq in)
  • Mini – 10″ (79 sq in)

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